In order to connect JVZoo to your Afflytics dashboard, you'll want to be logged in and hover over "My Account".

From here, click API Keys.

From here, click "Create A New App".

Next, you'll see this section. Fill out Name and Description however you'd like. We'd recommend setting the name as Afflytics, so you can remember where this API Key is linked too.

Description can be "Afflytics Dashboard API Integration".

We'll want to keep Active selected. Once you're done, click Save API APP.

From here, you'll be able to see your API Key. Copy it to you're Clipboard, as you'll need to paste it inside Afflytics.

A name is optional, but recommended to know what programs JVZoo is tracking. Paste your API Key in.

Click connect and JVZoo will now be linked to Afflytics!

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