In order to connect your ClickBank account to Afflytics, you will need a Clerk API Key and a Developer API Key.

You can obtain these keys by logging into your ClickBank account at and clicking Users.

From here, you'll want to create a new user.

Next, check the box that says "Is this an API-only user"

You'll need to add a description, you can just put "Afflytics".

Next, check the boxes like this.

Hit "Save" and copy your API Key.

Paste this CLERK API key into Afflytics.

Now we just need the Developer Key.

In order to do this, go back to the Account Settings page and scroll down to the bottom where it says "Developer API Keys". Click "Edit".

Click the "Create New Developer Key" button.

Enter a description and click "Save".

You will be redirected to the Developer Key Management page. Copy the Developer API Key you just created.

Once you have your API Keys, you can connect your ClickBank account to Afflytics by clicking "Connect" under the ClickBank logo on the Afflytics Setup page.

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