In order to connect your Awin affiliate account to Afflytics, you will need your Awin OAuth2 Token and your Awin Publisher ID.

You can obtain your OAuth2 Token by visiting, logging into your Awin account, and navigating to the API Credentials page. On the top right of the navigation, hover over your name and click "API Credentials". See screenshot.

Once on the API Credentials page, enter your Awin password and click "Show my API token". See screenshot.

Once your OAuth2 Token is shown, make sure you copy it and keep it somewhere safe.

You can obtain your Publisher ID by hovering over "User Dashboard" on the top right of the navigation and copying the number in parenthesis. See screenshot.

Once you have your OAuth2 Token and your Publisher ID, you can connect your Awin account to Afflytics by clicking "Connect" under the Awin logo on the Afflytics Setup page.

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