What is a Website in Afflytics?

In Afflytics, a website is simply a way to separate individual assets you manage which have their own affiliate accounts.

For example, you might own two websites which you'd like to add to Afflytics. Each website has its own associated affiliate accounts, so by assigning them separate websites in Afflytics, you're able to view and manage them separately.

Note: The number of websites you can create in Afflytics is dictated by your service plan limits.

Add a Website

Add a new website in Afflytics by visiting the "Manage Websites" page. From the main navigation click "Manage" and select "Websites".

Click the "+" icon on the top right of the page to add a new website. See screenshot.

A popup will appear. Enter the website name and hit "Save". You can now assign affiliate accounts to this website by visiting the "Manage Affiliate Accounts" page.

Rename a Website

You can rename a website by clicking the "Edit" link next to the website you want to edit. Enter a new website name and hit "Save".

Delete a Website

You can delete a website by clicking the Trash can icon next to the website you want to delete.

Note: You cannot delete websites that have affiliate accounts associated with them. You must first associate the affiliate accounts with another website before you're able to delete the website.

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